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Kimberly Lou Dixon is a small time actress who plays Mother Paula on the commercials, as well as several roles in movies..


Dixon won second place in Miss America sometime in 1987 or 1988. Dixon played in many movies. One of the movies is The Last House of Witch Boulevard 3. The movie is about a pretty cheerleader (Kimberly Lou Dixon) from college that gets hexed and turns into a witch. The witch boils football players in a cauldron until a quarterback turned her into a cheerleader. As the quarterback tried to kiss the cheerleader, she turned into a dead inguana. Dixon also, was the upcoming star for Mutant Invaders from Jupiter Seven.

Ending of Book and First Time Seen in Person

Dixon arrived at the Mother Paula ceremony in a limo and went in Curly's trailer to put on her Mother Paula makeup. After she realized that the resturant was going to bury live owls she joined the protest that Roy and Beatrice started.


Dixon was even more popular than when she was Miss America or the Grasshopper Queen for the movie Mutant Invaders of Jupiter Seven. In the business columns of a newspaper or a magazine, it was reported she signed a deal to be in the next Adam Sandler movie.


As Mother Paula, she has a calico apron, a gray wig, and glasses. Without any makeup, she is described as young and pretty. Her voice is said to be gravelly.